Murahari Advanced Spine Center

About Us


Murahari Advanced Spine Centre is a state-of-the-art centre with experience in minimally invasive surgical care for spinal disorders in adults and children. This type of patient care results in smaller incisions, a faster recovery, and better outcomes. Murahari Advanced Spine Centre was founded by Dr. Murahari Penkulinti, who firmly believes in a holistic approach to the patient’s problem.

Murahari Advanced Spine Centre in Hyderabad is affiliated with Sunshine Ortho and Bone Clinic and provides comprehensive care for a variety of bone and joint disorders. This victim of collaborations formed in providing holistic spine treatment and care that is personalised to the patient’s problem. Our team of clinical professionals respects individuals patient needs by providing innovative non-operative and operative treatments.

At Murahari Advanced Spine Centre, our team follows a multidisciplinary approach that is combined, evidence-based, and scientific in nature.

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Murahari Advanced Spine Centre establishes a centre of excellence in spine health care.


Our vision is to provide evidence-based treatment for various spine injuries.

Meet Dr. Murahari Penkulinti

MBBS, MS(Ortho),Master in AO Spine, (Switzerland), Fellowship in Spine Surgery(USA), Senior Consultant Minimal Spine Surgery