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Lumbar interbody fusion

Lumbar interbody fusion

A surgical procedure that is a particular type of fusion that permanently fuses, or unites, the bones of the spine is called transforaminal interbody lumbar fusion. The fusion is achieved using a bone graft: bone material either acquired from a bone bank or transplanted from elsewhere in the patient’s own body.

An interbody fusion is a spinal fusion that involves removing the intervertebral disk. Thus, it creates a space wherein it is implanted with a bone spacer between the two adjoining vertebrae.

The five primary interbody fusion approaches are:

  • Anterior (ALIF)
  • Lateral or extreme lateral interbody fusion (LLIF or XLIF)
  • Oblique lumbar interbody fusion/anterior to the psoas (OLIF/ATP)
  • Transforaminal (TLIF or MI-TLIF)
  • Posterior (PLIF)